My Name Is Anil Rohatgi

Computer Graphics Is My Passion

Professionally I have over 10 years of experience as a technical leader for Electronic Arts, Raydon Corp, and Apple. Independently I have launched several VR and AR products. Below are some examples of my work. Have a look!

Electronic Arts

As a lead engineer and technical artist, I developed cutting edge visuals for over 6 AAA gaming titles on multiple platforms. As part of EA's core graphics team, I pioneered and developed many of their advanced rendering techniques that are still used to this day.

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Raydon Corporation

I founded Raydon's advanced rendering group. As the first dedicated graphics specialist, I built their rendering engine from the ground up. As the lead graphics engineer, I implemted numerous innovative rendering technologies to enhance their virtual reality experiences.

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Apple Inc.

As a senior tech lead, I manage a group of 7 engineers bringing Apple's next generation products to life. As part of the GPU design and implemtion team, our work ensures the graphical capabilities of Apple's new devices are bleeding edge. Unfortunately many of these products have not been announced so I cannot show examples. Click below to learn more about Apple.

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Personal Projects

My love for interactive graphics goes beyond just a job. Outside of work I have dedicated much of my time to inventing new and interesting applications of this technology. My speciality is augmented and virtual reality. From concept to completion, it is my passion to bring these ideas to life.

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